Industrial Design, Gone to the Dogs.

Bred in Brooklyn, Made with Love in Philly.

Started in 2011 in Brooklyn NY, GO! PET DESIGN is a multi-disciplinary design studio, founded on the desire to make thoughtful, lasting pet products that celebrate the needs of our animal companions with quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and a dash of cheek.

Now based in Philadelphia, PA, we produce our line of pet wares and furniture in-house. For us, a love of animals and innovative design demands a commitment to responsible business practices and sustainable product production to do our part to help the overall health of our world and planet.

We work steadily to create the best products with a minimal impact to the environment. We take pride in sourcing our materials locally and from likeminded, independent suppliers, use minimally processed packaging, up-cycle where we can, and reasonably reuse our shipping supplies to lessen our carbon footprint. When we are not stitching, welding, lathing, and assembling GO! PET DESIGN goods ourselves, we hire talented craftspeople from our neighborhood to help support our local economy.

Run by myself with the help of my girlfriend, Leonora, GO! PET DESIGN remains focused on making quality goods and sharing our designs with discerning businesses and pet owners across the globe.

Peter Pracilio
Founder, Designer, Maker

“Taking traditional, ubiquitous items and reinterpreting them with formal aesthetics and an understanding of materials is a challenge that thrills and inspires me. I see industrial design as both an art form and tool, and I enjoy being not only the designer but also the maker.”     

-Peter Pracilio, Founder of GO! PET DESIGN